Integration Courses

If you want to apply for German citizenship, it is expected that you will successfully take part in an integration course.

Learning German is important to get by on a daily basis (for example when shopping, at the doctor’s, with the authorities) and to find work. In the integration course, you will also learn about German culture, German ideals, the history and the German legal system.

The integration courses are based on the „Verordnung über die Durchführung von Integrationskursen für Ausländer und Spätaussiedler“ (Ordinance on Integration Courses – IntV) and are regularly assessed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Integration courses are geared towards the following people:

  • foreigners
  • EU citizens
  • ethnic German immigrants and their families
  • tolerated long-term resident aliens (§23 or §104a Residence Act/AufenthaltG)
  • German citizens (§44 Residence Act/AufenthaltG)