German C2

The German course C2 is aimed primarily at learners with C1 previous knowledge. Different types of texts are read, abstract, literary, contentally and linguistically complex texts.

You not only have the opportunity to express yourself in writing and in a structured way, but also to present your own views in detail. You train, write the appropriate purpose appropriately and write sophisticated articles. In addition, you acquire the ability to describe differentiated issues and highlight the essential aspects. In addition, you will learn how to participate in all conversations and discussions, as well as familiarizing yourself with spoken phrases and conversational phrases. In doing so, you also have to express the finer meanings.

Duration240 hours of lessons (3 Modules)
Number of participantsmax. 15 people
Previous knowledgeC1
Lesson timesmonday and wednesday
08:15 - 11:30 am
Lesson venue48151 Münster, Hafenstraße 29