German B1

The german course B1 is geared towards students with prior knowledge of German to level A2. It deals with key issues from day-to-day life, for example education, work, protecting the environment and media. The course rounds off the basic grammatical knowledge taught in the preparatory courses for certificates A1 and A2.

You learn to express yourself freely in German, in order to report about your personal situation, for example, or to be able to negotiate something with a partner. When it comes to reading, you acquire the ability to understand complicated everyday texts, such as newspaper advertisements or package information leaflets. You practise writing formal letters, such as applications or letters of complaint, and, with the help of listening exercises, learn to understand spoken German in general, everyday situations, even when it is not spoken slowly and clearly.

Duration300 hours of lessons
Number of participantsmax. 20 people
Previous knowledgeA2
Lesson timesmonday - friday
08:15 - 11:30 am or 12:00 - 03:15 pm
Lesson venue48143 Münster, Bahnhofstraße 3