Student testimonials


„I have been studying for 11 months at theGermanLanguageAcademyand am satisfied with both the teaching methods and the teachers. I would happily recommend theGermanLanguageAcademyas my experiences have been excellent thus far.“

Alejandra, Mexiko


„The German language is a difficult language, but it is really fun to learn it at this school.“

Corine, France


„I really enjoy learning German at the German Language Academy. It is a good experience for me and I am pleased. However, the grammar is very difficult. But we read out dialogues, listen to texts, work in groups and, once a week, we write a letter and do a vocab test. As such, I really enjoy the language course. […] Let me give you some good advice: You can learn best at the German Language Academy.“

Elham, Iran


„This school has a really good atmosphere. All of the teachers are really friendly and are always willing to help. The German Language Academy makes learning fun.“

Ewelina, Poland


„Let me tell you, when you come to Germany, start at the German Language Academy, because it is the best school.“

Furgan Ghali, Iraq


„There are twenty people in my class, from lots of different countries, and we work really well together. I have made friends here and, although we have to study a lot, we enjoy it. Sometimes we do role plays and the lessons are really funny. When we receive a new certificate we celebrate together in the school. We bring delicious food with us and eat and play together. And I almost forgot: They also help us with other problems like living, work, insurance …“

Isabel, Spain


„At the German Language Academy learning German is fun. The teachers are very professional. […] After just four months in this school I can speak, read and understand spoken German really well. I need to improve my writing a bit, but it doesn’t matter. Everything is possible at the German Language Academy – and it is fun!“

John, Canada


„You can learn German quickly at the German Language Academy. […] The teachers here are really nice, friendly and personable. And the atmosphere in the lessons is great.“

Krishna, Mauritius


„I’ll be honest: it isn’t easy. But if you want to be able to speak, read and write well, then this is the right language school for you! You can make lots of new friends here. I like my language school. I am pleased that I found the information about the German Language Academy in the local immigration office.“

Liliya, Russia


„I have been learning at the German Language Academy for 6 months. Our school is large and bright and there are people from lots of different countries who learn here. […] I can only say one thing: I do not know any other schools and I don’t want to know any other schools. Here, where I study, it is fantastic …“

Marita, Russia


„You can learn and speak the German language very well in the nice and friendly atmosphere here. We listen to texts and read out dialogues, we work in groups and write letters and vocab tests. We also do very interesting homework exercises. Sometimes we go into town. For example, last Tuesday we went to the Christmas Market and visited the City Museum. Of course, we also had tasks to do and these tasks helped us to get to know German culture better. That is why I say: If you come to Germany, register at the German Language Academy straight away.“

Parvin, Iran


„I want to give you a tip: If you come to Germany, learn German at the German Language Academy! […] The atmosphere is great there and my teacher is friendly and smart. She is always there to help. Learn German at the German Language Academy!“

Shahzad, Pakistan


„I recommend the German Language Academy, because the lessons are well constructed, with one half grammar, reading and writing, and the other half speaking. You can learn about German culture here: punctuality and orderliness. And there is a consistent teaching style with noun and verb tests and the production of written texts.“

Sonoko, Japan


„In my opinion, you can learn and gain a good understanding quickly at the German Language Academy. […] Before starting the language course I couldn’t speak a word of German, but I can now speak and write German, and even understand television programmes. […] I am sad because I only have two months before the course finishes.“

Tolu, Nigeria