Dates & prices

In the German Language Academy – Deutsche Sprachenakademie start German courses regularly. Here you will find an overview of the next exam dates, planned course dates can be found on our homepage. Special requests please communicate with our secretary. We will find the right offer for you!

Participation in the integration courses is free of charge for many participants. The travel costs can then be refunded usually.

For all integration courses: Participants who contribute their own fees (€ 1.95 per lesson) can reimburse 50% of their expenses. The prerequisite for this is that they obtain the B1 certificate and also pass the test for the orientation course.

If the individual requirements are met, a pro-rated subsidy for the course fees can be provided by means of an education check or an educational bonus (free service hotline 0800 – 2623000). Those interested in continuing education who qualify for the scholarship can receive a 50% subsidy for the course fees – up to a maximum of 500 €. The program is funded by the European Social Fund.

The fees are paid once for all modules of a complete course or in installments per module.

Participants who book and pay for a complete German language course (with at least 6 modules) will receive a 10% discount on the total costs!